Crowd  within a  5 minute walk :-
⦁ 20 hotels with capacity for approximately 11,386 tourists
⦁ 8570 offices with approximately 42,850 workers
⦁ 117,030 residential dwellings with approximately 468,120 residents
City Gate Mall crowd - Hotel , offices and home crowd sourrounding City Gate Mall

More crowd expansions are progressively expected in the next 10 years

Ophir-Rochor corridor

Will form a natural extension of the existing convention, office, hotel and retail hub at Marina Centre. Extending from the commercial hub at Marina Centre, the Ophir- Rochor area will complement the Marina Bay area, featuring mixed-use developments comprising offices, hotels, residential and other complementary facilities, set within a park-like environment. This initiative is expected to be developed over the next 10 to 15 years.

Kallang Riverside: A Unique Work-Live Place

Approximately 3,200,000 square feet of new office space will be added in Kallang Riverside to provide new office locations close to the city and waterfront. In addition, 4000 new homes incorporated into the mixed-use developments, together with 3000 hotel rooms, ensure a lively area throughout the day.

Marina South –A Lively Mixed-Use Residential District that is Green, Walkable and Cycle-Friendly

Marina South will be a mixed-use, high-density residential district that provides more options for city living with 9,000 new homes. This will allow more people to live nearby their work place.
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